Stump Grinding

Unsightly , inconvenient,  dangerous or just ruining your  planting schedule ?

A  tree/shrub stump in the wrong place can be an issue for a variety of reasons.

A tree/shrub stump will more than likely regrow quite profusely.

A tree/shrub stump left will potentionally become a site for pathogenic fungus to thrive within your garden, increasing the risk of transmission to other trees/shrubs.

Grinding out the stump allows you to replant/turf over, reclaim valuable space in your border.

Fleur's Garden and Tree Services can remove all traces of your tree/shrub root ball to a depth of approx 12" below surface level. (deeper if required)

We can also  remove surface roots  and underground roots if necessary.

Stump grinding is achieved by the use of an  engine driven mechanical  stump grinder which grinds the stump and root ball into a mulch.

This  mulch also has many benefits for your garden in terms of nutrient and moisture retaining qualities.

Whatever the size of your stump we are absolutely confident that we are able to professionally remove it for you .

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